At Expert English, we offer high-standard proofreading and copyediting services in English undertaken by experienced native speakers. We can help you improve your academic and scientific papers, including journal articles and research papers, offering a complete English language re-writing and polishing service. We also offer advice on scientific journal choice, guidance with submission, and help with cover letters and responses to reviewers and editors. For students at all levels, we can check and improve the English in your PhD thesis, dissertation, essay, report or letter of application. We specialise in helping businesses of all kinds enhance the English on their websites, menus, letters, contracts and documents.

  • English editing and proofreading carried out to the highest standards.
  • Friendly, fast and affordable service.
  • Every job personally carried out by an experienced UK-based native speaker of English.
  • Private and confidential.


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Expert English is run by a native of the UK and a native speaker of English. I have a degree in English literature and am a qualified English teacher who taught for over thirty years in the UK before retiring.

Academic and scientific work is carried out by a PhD-level University academic who has more than 200 peer-reviewed publications (including in Nature and Science) and deep experience in publishing, peer-review, and manuscript editing. He carries out proof-reading, re-writing, copywriting and English language editing surfaces for a large number of international journals and publishing houses.






We are able to offer a three-day turnaround time for all scientific work and we aim for the same timescale with all other work. It is helpful to know if you are working to a specific deadline, so please remember to tell us if you are.



When you send your text to Expert English for improvement, we check it for errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation and for possible problems with language or writing style, bearing in mind the intended readership and the structure or organisation of the work. Unless you specifically tell us otherwise (e.g. that you only want the errors marked and left for you to deal with), we correct all the errors and make improvements to the language, style and organisation of the work.

You receive two copies of your text in Microsoft Word format: one with the changes marked so that you can see what has been done; and one with all the changes put in place so that you can read it easily.



Expert English offers translation services to and from Russian and Kazakh through our partnership with a qualified and experienced Kazakhstan-based interpreter and translator who is a native speaker of both Kazakh and Russian and fluent in English. They have particular experience in translating and interpreting in areas such investment/finance, education and ICT.

Contact us for a quotation - we offer preferential rates for residents of Kazakhstan and the other CIS countries.

We can also put you in direct contact with our colleague if you would like interpreting to be carried out within Kazakhstan.


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